Feeling a bit confused by all this? Don't worry, you're not the only person to have some questions and we're here to help make the use of our free traffic counter as easy as possible. Below is a list of our most common questions and answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the counter really free?

Yes, the counter is totally free.

Can I alter the code?
If you alter the code the counter may not work properly and your account may get disabled.

Why is your counter free?
The counter is free due to the inclusion of a sponsor link built into the code.

How do I create a counter?
You can choose your style of counter by clicking here and then just follow the instructions.

How do i change the look of my counter if I've already got one?
If you already have a counter but would like to update it to a new look, just go through the registration process again and paste the new code on your site like you did the first time. This will update the look of your counter without reseting your visitor count total.


We've got lots planned for our little counter. Soon you'll not only have access to the best hit counter on the web but website traffic stats too.. all for free. This will allow you to track the number of visitors that come to your site as well as your daily average and much more. Be sure to enter your email address on your account so we can keep you updated on new features.

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